Hey everyone! I’m Shannon.

I love black coffee, penguins, being outside, experimenting with recipes, and keeping myself moving.

From a young age, I always enjoyed making people feel better. I would “heal” my older brothers’ injuries and would imagine games around getting to care for them. While my family thought I was destined for nursing, a soccer injury at 16 introduced me to the world of Human Kinetics.

Following high school, I spent 4 years completing a degree in Kinesiology, learning about the human body, how it moves, and how it responds to injury. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, allowing me to serve you effectively in the areas of fitness and nutrition. I have had the opportunity to learn from Canada’s top coaches and now have the privilege of working with amazing people just like you.

I am excited to work with you and see you reach your health goals. Whether you want to conquer your nutrition, tone your body, or live pain-free – we can get there together.

So, let’s get started.