Hey! I’m Shannon.

I am a big fan of black coffee, penguins, and churros. I love experimenting with healthy recipes in the kitchen and finding fun ways to keep myself active in and out of the gym.

I grew up playing almost every sport that wasn’t on the ice. My true passion, however, was soccer. I loved playing the game and competing as a team. Unfortunately, at 16 I suffered a knee injury and underwent my first of two surgeries to repair the ligaments. At the time I thought this was a huge setback in my athletic career, but that injury introduced me to the world of Human Kinetics.

Following high school, I spent 4 years completing a degree in Kinesiology, learning about the human body, how it moves, and how it responds to injury.

Since 2015 I have been specializing in Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, and Corporate Wellness to help my clients become the healthiest, fittest, and strongest version of themselves.

I am excited to train with you and see you achieve your health goals too. Whether you want to conquer your nutrition, tone your body, or live pain-free – we can get there together.