Private Nutrition Coaching

This program offers 1-on-1 coaching to help you look, feel, and live better by making realistic and sustainable diet modifications.

The program advances at a rate that suits your needs and comfort level. For each habit we introduce, you will be given a short, informative lesson, via email, to help you better understand your body and how to best nourish it. Each lesson is designed to troubleshoot common problems while establishing a mentality of balance over restriction.

What to expect:

  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Accountability
  • Meal logging
  • Meal tips and ideas
  • Nutrition troubleshooting
  • Goal-based worksheets
  • Nutrition Lessons (examples below):
    • Identifying Your Deficiencies
    • Goal-Based Calories
    • Understanding Carbohydrates
    • Late-night snacking

Client Testimonial

“Before starting nutrition coaching, my health had been at a plateau with continual small set-backs for a few years. For this reason, I felt like nutrition coaching was the only way to align my health and my goals. I struggled in making consistent decisions without reasonable rationale as to why I was buying foods that are labeled as “good “or “bad” in today’s society. I know that everyday I have a choice of what to eat so, I want to be making educated decisions. In the past I have set goals however without an accountability partner it is very difficult.
Initially, I was interested in nutrition coaching because of [Shannon’s] values and mission from [her] website. However, not until now did I realize how much [she] would be able to empower me in making a sustainable change.
While my routine and goals are much the same, after finishing the program I feel more mentally and physically at balance. Strangely enough, now in my weekly routine I am genuinely excited to plan my meals. Things have changed [in my life] through accountability, empowerment and a lot of encouragement! All of which seemed to come naturally and honestly through the program.”

Are you ready to change your life?