Virtual Training

Welcome to Virtual Personal Training. This is ideal for you if you need accountability, want a strategic plan to follow, or you have a busy schedule and want to workout at any time of the day that works for you.

Each month your Personal Trainer creates 3 customized workouts that are delivered through the Trainerize app (Desktop, Android and Apple available). The workouts are unique to your goals and use the equipment you have access to. Workouts are scheduled for you based on how many days you would like to exercise each week and when you’ve available to train. In the app, you and your trainer can message each other and stay connected throughout the week.

Do you have any questions? Complete the form below to get in touch with your Personal Trainer.

Each month of Online Coaching includes:

  • 3 personalized, printable programs
  • Exercise instructions in video and text format, attached to each program
  • Scheduled workouts with the option to add bonus cardio workouts
  • Nutrition Guide (pdf)
  • Texting through in-app messenging
  • Free access to the Trainerize App
  • In-App progress tracking, meal tracking, sleep logs, and the option to connect your smart watch.

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