Starting Soon in Maple Ridge!

We meet two days per week to lose fat, build muscle and sweat in a fun and supportive environment. Bootcamps are a great way to stay motivated, make new friends, and keep yourself accountable to your health goals. Take the guesswork out of creating an exercise program and learn how to sweat safely and have fun with your workouts.

To sign up for classes or to learn more about bootcamps, email Shannon at or use the contact form below.

– Frequently Asked Questions –

What can I expect?

You will learn the fundamentals of exercise through body-weight training. Your certified trainer is there to lead you through the workout and correct form to help you exercise safely and with confidence. Each session is 45 minutes and includes a warm-up, the main workout, and a cool down.

In the days following your class, you may feel some soreness in your muscles, but don’t worry! This muscle soreness is natural and a sign that your body is getting stronger and leaner.

Who is this for?

These classes are for anyone who wants to get fit and have fun while exercising. Whether you’ve been a runner for years, just started your health journey or want to switch up your current exercise routine. Every exercise can be modified to meet you where you’re at without pushing you outside of your comfort zone.

Where are classes held?

Classes will be held two times per week at Colleen Findlay Place (website) in Maple Ridge.

How large are the classes?

Classes are limited to 12 participants to ensure everyone is receiving a high level of care and attention.

What is the cost?

It is $10 per class. Register for the month to reserve your spot and get 1 class for free!

What do I need to bring?

All you need is an exercise mat and a bottle of water.

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! Whether your kids want to play at the side of the room or join in with the exercises, kids of any age are welcomed.


Contact Shannon for more information on bootcamps or to sign up for the next class.