20 Minute Metabolic Cardio

Today I was already in the gym with my bag in a cubby and was STILL trying to talk myself out of my workout. I was tired, I didn’t feel like sweating, and it would be so much easier to just walk back to the car.

Instead, I reminded myself that I likely won’t be able to workout tomorrow, I’ll feel 100% better when it’s done, and walking away isn’t an action that aligns with my long term goals.

So, if you’re feeling like me today, do this fast, sweaty, muscle burning workout that will have you in and out of the gym in less than 20 minutes.

I promise you’ll be grateful you did because nothing makes you feel like more of a badass than crushing the workout you didn’t want to do.

Do 5 rounds, resting for 60 seconds at the end of each round.
➡️ KB Swings x10
➡️Squats x10
➡️Mountain Climbers x10 ea
➡️Push Up w/ Shoulder Tap x10
➡️Burpees x10

The last couple of reps of each exercise should feel like a challenge. Make it harder by increasing your resistance/weight or moving faster.

Oh, and if you hate burpees you can always sub them out for 45 seconds of stair sprints, bike, or battle ropes.

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