Exercise and healthy living can take you from a life of limitations to unlimited possibilities. You will do things you were once physically unable to do, develop mental toughness, and learn to treat yourself with respect. Choose to become one of the unlimited. Choose to live a life of physical and mental freedom.

Kitchen to Gym Fitness is committed to helping you find your freedom and that of the men, women, and children who are trapped in modern-day slavery.

Every month, 10% of profits are donated to the International Justice Mission (IJM) of Canada. This team works hard to rescue victims from slavery, sex trafficking, sexual violence, police brutality, and other forms of violent oppression. The victims of these crimes spend up to 22 hours a day in forced labour, are threatened into performing sexual acts, and have lost hope that they will know freedom.

The International Justice Mission of Canada has a 4-step approach to restoring lives:

  • Rescuing Victims by removing them from the place where they’re in danger
  • Bringing Criminals to Justice by holding slave-owners, traffickers, rapists, and criminals accountable in court
  • Restoring Survivors by getting them the necessary support they need to heal and thrive
  • Strengthening Justice Systems to help stop violence before it starts

Everyone deserves life and freedom. Together, we are giving a child, a mother, a son back their life and helping to prevent this gross injustice from happening to others.

Thank you for helping support this amazing cause!

For more information on the IJM of Canada CLICK HERE.