Week 6: Total Body Gym Training

This is a great workout for any level. Hit the gym with confidence and a plan by following along with these full-body exercises. 

Instructions: Warm up before you begin. Work through each exercise circuit for the indicated number of reps and sets, then move on to the next exercise circuit. For example, complete 3 sets of exercise 1a, then perform 3

You can make this harder by increasing the weight/resistance used or easier by decreasing the weight used or using bodyweight.

The Workout:

Circuit 1 | 3 sets | 8 – 10 reps

1a. Deadlift (Barbell, Kettle Bell or Dumbbell)

Circuit 2 | 2-3 Sets | 8 – 10 reps each

2a. Cable Row

2b. Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

2c. Cable Lat Pull Down

Circuit 3 | 2-3 Sets | 8 – 10 reps each

3a. Kettlebell Squat with a pulse

3b. Single Leg Step Up

3c. Push Up


Not sure how to do an exercise? Follow along with the demonstrations below.