Exercising and eating poorly is like wearing deodorant and never showering.

Having a good relationship with food, getting the nutrients you need, and finding balance in your diet are a few of the amazing things nutrition coaching can do for your body and mind.

Whether you are seeking guidance on how to fuel your body, need help troubleshooting undesired habits, or want to achieve your goals quickly; we have a program that will meet your needs.

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Client Testimonial

“Before starting nutrition coaching, my health had been at a plateau with continual small set-backs for a few years. For this reason, I felt like nutrition coaching was the only way to align my health and my goals. I struggled with making consistent decisions without reasonable rationale as to why I was buying foods that are labeled as “good “or “bad” in today’s society. I know that everyday I have a choice of what to eat so, I want to be making educated decisions. In the past I have set goals however without an accountability partner it is very difficult.
Initially, I was interested in nutrition coaching because of [Shannon’s] values and mission from [her] website. However, not until now did I realize how much [she] would be able to empower me in making a sustainable change.
While my routine and goals are much the same, after finishing the program I feel more mentally and physically at balance. Strangely enough, now in my weekly routine, I am genuinely excited to plan my meals. Things have changed [in my life] through accountability, empowerment and a lot of encouragement! All of which seemed to come naturally and honestly through the program.”


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