The 12 Days of “FIT”MAS!

Its beginning to look a lot like…. fitness.

It’s the holiday season which means we are all busy with concerts, parties, shopping and our favorite holiday traditions. This bustle can keep us busy, forcing us to push aside our regularly scheduled workouts and putting us at-risk of eating more shortbread than necessary.

Since I’m a lover of all things Christmas, I was so excited to create a “12 days of Fitmas” workout for you to enjoy. Whether you don’t have time for the gym or want a fun, new way to countdown to the holiday, these quick exercises are a great way to get your body moving.

Each day, from now (December 13) until Christmas morning you can “unwrap” the exercise of the day and perform the set number of reps.

Looking for more of a challenge? On each new day, including all the exercises of the previous days. For example, on the third day of fitmas, you would do 10 burpees, a 45-second front plank, and 20 Jumping Jacks. On the twelfth day, you would include every exercise!

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