Simple Strategies For All Day Energy

It’s ironic that as I write this I’m suffering from a bit of an energy crash, but instead of running out for my *ahem* third coffee, I used the tips below. Guess what, they work! Next time you feel a little groggy use these tricks and they will help energize your day.


1 – Start the night before. Not getting enough sleep can significantly impact how you operate the next day. Experts recommend sleeping 7 – 9 hours a day. If you’ve been sluggish for a while, try taking a nap on the weekends or after work. You’ll feel refreshed and give your body the rest it needs.

2- Have a high protein breakfast. Including protein (ex. eggs, peanut butter,greek yogurt) is a fantastic way to keep blood sugar level consistent and avoid an energy crash during the day. [Try this recipe]

3 – Watch what you’re drinking. I know it’s fall and there are few things more festive than a pumpkin spice drink or a mocha. If you’re looking to keep those energy levels up, however, avoid drinks with a high sugar content. You may experience and initial surge of energy, but that will soon wear off, leaving you tired, and possibly with a headache.

4 – Avoid Large Lunches.  Eating large meals, or meals high in processed carbohydrates (ex. fast food) forces your body to expend a lot of energy to digest it, leading to a feeling of sleepiness. Instead, opt for light foods throughout the day, in small to medium doses, like yogurt, fruit, vegetables, or a grab-and-go energy bites [psst, here’s the recipe].

5 – Drink more water. Minor signs of dehydration are lethargy, headaches, muscle pain, and a general sense of confusion. Combat these common symptoms by keeping a large water bottle by your desk and feel yourself become more energized. Worst case scenario you take a few extra trips to the bathroom.

It’s recommended to drink 0.5 oz – 1.0 oz of water per pound of bodyweight each day.

6 – Take a short break. Get up, walk around, or follow the Free At Work Exercise Guide. These quick breaks can help relieve stress, allows your brain to recover and shakes off the monotony of sitting at a desk.


7 – Use your nose. Certain scents can energize your mind and awaken your senses. Try using a lotion or oil that is scented with citrus, peppermint, or jasmine. Rub this on your hands and temples, or even right under your nose.



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